Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lawyer to handle my case?

Similar to the question, “Do you need a doctor to diagnose my ailment?”, it’s answer really depends on the complexity of your issue, your conform and familiarity with the legal system, and whether you think you have the ability to best present your  case on your own without guidance from a trained dolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

Your legal fee is dependent on how much work is required to complete your matter. Some services may be permitted for a flat fee, for example real estate conveyancing, because the cost and time required are known ahead of time. Other services like litigation, vary in the cost and time required so it is harder to know exactly how much they will cost upfront. Complex cases or those with uncooperative parties may take a very long time to resolve. Your lawyer will estimate the cost of possible outcomes for you and has the responsibility to keep you informed about the costs incurred as your case progresses. Typically, the more experienced a lawyer is, the higher the lawyer’s hourly rate is.

Does Sovereign Law Group work on contingency basis?

Many ICBC & personal injury cases can be accepted on a contingency basis. Other cases, for example family, are less likely to be accepted in this manner. Your lawyer will explain to you whether your case is eligible for contingency.

What costs make up the legal bill?

Your bill includes lawyer fees, disbursement and taxes. Lawyer’s fees are normally calculated on hourly basis at a rate dependent on the lawyer’s experience level. Disbursements are things paid out while conducting your file, such as postage, photocopying and court filing fee. PST and GST are the applicable taxes added to your bill..

If I win my case, isn't my bill paid by the other side?

It may be, but then usually only partially. Only some courts award you legal fees or costs if you win. Small claims court, criminal court and many administrative tribunals do not award costs. If a court does allow you costs, the amount does not normally covers your legal bill entirely, because costs are calculated according to a chart and not by the amount you actually paid to your lawyer.

Can a lawyer help me even if I don't want to go to court with my legal issue?

Or course. Normally, there are many things that can be done to resolve your case that do not involve an expensive and hostile trial. Your lawyer can help you negotiate a solution or a settlement, or your case could be referred to a mediator or an arbitrator. Some cases may be settled after the lawsuit is filed, in either case conferences or settlement conferences provided by the court system. Many family law cases can be settled using a collaborative approach rather than an adversarial one. Your lawyer will explain all these procedures to you and will help you decide the best way to resolve your case.